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Supreme Advocacy Letter

SCC Weekly.

The original newsletter since the mid-‘90s. What started as a fax to a few friends and colleagues has grown to an email that reaches lawyers around the legal world interested in Canada’s top court.

This weekly newsletter delivers to your inbox summaries of the latest Supreme Court of Canada decisions the morning they are released (usually Thursday or Friday). We cover both appeals and leaves to appeal so you can track what the law is and where it’s headed. Our topical headings allow for quick-scanning, so if you’re litigating, advising, or managing a particular file, you can quickly find the relevant issues under consideration by the SCC. For those in a rush, we include a one-line summary of each judgment right at the top.

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Appellate Monthly.

Our court of appeal newsletter looks at what’s happening in the appellate world before it gets to the highest court in Canada. Each month we feature must-read court of appeal summaries, look at recently opened files at the SCC vying for leave to appeal, and give you a snapshot of cases granted leave.

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Student Extras.

On top of receiving our regular weekly SCC newsletter, subscribers to our Student Extras will receive continuing legal education materials geared towards young lawyers, tips and tools to having a successful legal career, and copies of SCC precedents (factums and memorandums) for Applications for Leave to Appeal and Appeals.

Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate Supreme Advocacy's newsletters. They keep me up to date with Supreme Court decisions, as well as with a well curated assortment of other legal developments. The writing is crisp, clear and often gently amusing. Thank you.

Judy Howard.
Barrister & Solicitor (Ontario) 

Just a note to once again thank you for the dedication of your group in keeping us informed as to what is going on in the SCC.

Stanley Naftolin, Q.C.
Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP

I enjoy your newsletters. It is one of the best and the only law firm newsletters I read from beginning to end.

Scott MacKenzie
Chair & Chief Executive Officer, Regulatory & Appeals Commission