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Supreme Court of Canada (Weekly)

The original newsletter since the mid-‘90s. What started as a fax to a few friends and colleagues has grown to an email that reaches lawyers around the legal world interested in Canada’s top court. This newsletter delivers to your inbox summaries of the latest Supreme Court of Canada decisions the morning they are released (most Thursdays, and a few Fridays) – we endeavour to get our summaries out within 30 minutes of judgments coming down.

It covers both appeals and leaves to appeal so you can track what the law is and where it’s headed. Our topical headings allow for quick-scanning, so if you're litigating, advising, or managing a particular file, you can quickly find the relevant issues under consideration by the SCC. For those in a rush, we include a one-line summary of each judgment right at the top.


Supreme Advocacy Letter (Weekly) + Extras for Students (Monthly)

Along with the regular weekly dose of SCC summaries from our original newsletter (above), you will also receive monthly emails designed to supplement your legal education. These emails include extras such as:

  • our latest year-in-review
  • workshop material on civility and legal writing
  • appeal factum and leave to appeal memorandum precedents.

Even if you’re already practising, feel free to consider yourself a life-long student and sign up.


Courts of Appeal (Monthly)

Our court of appeal newsletter looks at what’s happening in the appellate world before it gets to the Supreme Court of Canada. We bring you our must-read court of appeal summaries from CanLii Connects, a look at recently opened files at the SCC vying for leave to appeal, and a snapshot cases granted leave and moving on up to the SCC.


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