"Supreme Advocacy has been a key asset to the smooth functioning and legal development of our Tribunal. As an administrative decision-making body, we encounter a number of complex and often novel legal issues. Eugene, Marie-France and Thomas have been invaluable in not only solving procedural and substantive legal issues as they arise, but also in empowering us to better manage future issues and minimizing risk in the long term. We have confidently relied on them for sound advice, whether it was on the go, in a research memorandum or by way of a formal legal opinion. In 2012, we were faced with procedural issues that were disrupting our case flow. Thomas acted as our lead counsel in a reference to the Federal Court of Appeal and managed to have the matter fully resolved within a short few months. It allowed us to stay focused on new files and to have certainty moving forward."

Dr. Don Buckingham
Chairperson, Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal
Ottawa, Ontario

"Your [Marie-France] and Eugene's help, advice, guidance and assistance in this most important case was crucial in our success. I want to formally thank both of you for your guidance and assistance in this matter. Thanks again."

Grant J. Scharfstein, Q.C.
Scharfstein Gibbings Walen Fisher LLP
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
(Counsel for Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission v. William Whatcott appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada)

"Thank you so much for you continuing efforts to keep us apprised of what’s going on at the Supreme Court, in courts of appeal across the country, and with your colleagues. I recognize that the weekly updates don’t produce themselves and, instead, require some significant expenditure of time and energy. When the facts are serious, you write seriously; when there is an opportunity for a little levity, you seize it, while remaining respectful; and when others on your team do good, you share the enthusiasm for their work. The result is a newsletter that is helpful, readable, interesting and even fun.
Much appreciated, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar."

Dr. Patrick Baillie
Forensic Psychologist & Lawyer
Calgary, Alberta

"Got the filing and service confirmation, thanks much. I wouldn’t have known you can serve by courier. Just a small example where you have saved the headache of having to be fussed with SCC technical requirements; many thanks. As far as I’m concerned, I will recommend to anyone within hearing distance that they should use an agent for LTA’s."

Nick Spillane
Brisset Bishop
Montréal, Quebec

"We write to provide the most sincere praise of the efforts and quality of work provided to our firm by Marie-France Major. She acted as our S.C.C. agent and in our opinion, made our appeal extraordinary. Her insightful and highly relevant comments, both of a technical and also of a substantive nature, speaks volumes about her abilities. In our opinion, Ms. Major is an inspiration as she is both highly academic and intellectual, but also very approachable, pleasant and a pleasure to work with. We would never consider bringing another appeal to the S.C.C. without her assistance. Her work with us is beyond exemplary. We unfortunately cannot find the words to express our gratitude and admiration for Ms. Major.

We cannot say enough to do justice to Ms. Major’s abilities and hope that this letter only serves to reinforce what we are sure you are already aware of, that she is a brilliant lawyer that is truly an inspiration to us all."

Alexander P. Watt
Cates Carroll Watt
Kamloops, B.C.

"I wanted to pen you a brief note to express our gratitude for acting as our SCC agent responding to a leave application on a family matter. The matter was complicated and had a significant lower court history. There had been numerous findings of contempt against the Appellant. Marie-France distilled all of the lower court history into a very succinct and insightful brief in response to the leave application. I firmly believe that the way in which the brief was prepared, both in form and style, was critical to our success in defeating the application. As indicated by Eugene in his Supreme Advocacy letter, the icing on the cake was a solicitor client costs order, which we understand is rare.

Marie-France and the firm were exceptional to deal with. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and kindness throughout the process. My client and I are very grateful for all of Marie-France’s work, assistance and direction on this matter. She is in a class all to herself."

James A. Glass, Q.C.
Duhamel Manning Feehan Warrender Glass LLP
Red Deer, Alberta