About Supreme Advocacy

Supreme Advocacy LLP launched on January 1, 2012. While it’s a new name, the team of lawyers and staff have worked together for over 15 years providing clients with appellate advocacy services and legal opinions. Now as a boutique law firm, we can continue that tradition of providing excellent service, with our clients benefitting from our increased specialization. We have more flexible rates and fewer conflicts.

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The special blend of our lawyers’ background and expertise set us apart. In a nutshell:

  • SCC experience: Eugene was the former SCC Executive Legal Officer and Marie-France a former SCC Law Clerk
  • Academic: Eugene has four law degrees, including a Doctorate in Civil Law from Quebec; Marie-France three law degrees, including a Doctorate from Berkley; and Tom a Bachelor of Journalism and law degree from the University of Ottawa.
  • Writing experience: Eugene and Marie-France are both former Law Professors and published authors; merging his journalism and legal experience, Tom was Editor-in-Chief of the Ottawa Law Review. The three are co-authors of the Supreme Court of Canada Manual, published by Canada Law Book (Carswell).

For our clients, we strategize, research, and write. We act as SCC agents, and counsel too where needed. Most importantly, we see ourselves as team players for your team. Our ultimate goal (and yours):

  • winning and thereby securing and protecting the interests of your client.