Heard all around Edmonton (and many parts of the world). Maybe even a few (well, two?) Calgary Flames supporters whispering it as well? Stanley Cup returns to Canada (and Edmonton)?

Colleague in the profession Gwendolyn Stewart-Palmer, K.C. of Shores Jardine is shouting it. Not just that, catering it too. See photo above.

Have strong continuing connection to Alberta—lived there, taught there, articled there (Parlee McLaws), designated Q.C./K.C. there too.

Met Gwendolyn at Law School, among many other classmates. In first year Property Law—technically true. All those classmates, a special class, all the way through the U of A Law School.

Here’s what Gwendolyn wrote:

“Hi Eugene,

I am happy to report that the Oilers played Saturday night (at home) and won—8 to 1.

My mom, who watches the playoffs religiously, called me during the game (that I was watching) to tell me “they are playing like their hair is on fire!”

The Oilers played next in Florida (Tuesday of this week) (game 5) and won—5 to 3.

The Oilers must win all of the remaining games—tomorrow, June 21 (Edmonton) and Monday, June 24 (Florida).

Our law office is across from Rogers Place.
Whenever the Oilers play, even at 9 am, the sound system is cranking up!
I thought you might like to see the lengths our office will go to support our team, 
(and to eat donuts!)
I hope all is good with you, and you are enjoying the playoffs!
Kind regards,
Thank you: Gwendolyn Stewart-Palmer, K.C. (Shores Jardine LLP, Edmonton), Gwendolyn@shoresjardine.com