I was kayaking in the U.S. last week, here and here.

Yes, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Important to note the location, because that’s where four officers were shot dead on Monday.

Deputy U.S. Marshall Thomas Weeks, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer Joshua Eyer, North Carolina Corrections Officers Sam Poloche and Bill Elliott; four other officers were wounded. Officer Eyer was Officer-of-the-month for his force; left behind his wife Ashley and 3-year-old Andrew.

Challenging to even think of kayaking in a context such as this. But nevertheless, I will return to Charlotte for further instruction next month.

Here’s the website for the Center, in case you may want to visit—see you there? There’s also hiking, mountain biking, climbing and zip-lining. A 14-hour drive from Ottawa.

Giovanna and I have dogsledded in Iqaluit with renowned kayaker Erik Boomer. Here’s a video of him on a trip I was definitely not on (watch all the way to the end—you’ll see why). And here’s a video of a trip he and his partner/girlfriend, Sarah McNair-Landry took last year.

If you’re thinking of taking up the sport, the flatwater version of same, there’s a really good (and accurate) article by Erik Vance from the New York Times from a coupla years ago, called “Kayaking: An Outdoor Adventure and a Full-Body Workout”, click here.

And if you’re in Charlotte when I’m there, let’s go to the memorial for these four officers, if then set up.

And if there’s a way to contribute towards their families, let’s do that too.

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