Courts below holding car manufacturer did not make misleading representations about fuel consumption of its vehicles — Whether the “credulous and inexperienced” consumer standard articulated in Richard v. Time Inc., 2012 SCC 8, [2012] 1 S.C.R. 265, applies to the determination of which representations are objectively false or misleading under s. 52 of the Competition Act, the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, and its analogues across Canada — If that standard does not apply, what is the test? — When does a failure to disclose material facts constitute a misleading representation in breach of s. 52 of the Competition Act? — Whether compliance with a regulatory scheme should serve as a defence to a breach of s. 52 of the Competition Act — dismissed 11/02/2023 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for the Applicant.

Read the lower court decision from the ONCA here.