Immunity of investigator from provincial institution ? — Action for judicial review, constitutional review and damages brought against foreign institution and provincial institution ? — Whether independent entity of foreign state, such as Autorité des marchés financiers de France, can be considered “agency of foreign state” within meaning of s. 2 of State Immunity Act even though it is not subject to principles of government subordination and hierarchy or to any organic, functional or financial control by foreign state ? — If so, whether exceptions provided for in State Immunity Act apply because of circumstances of this case, including fact that such entity acted directly on Canadian soil and was given powers arising from Canadian laws ? — In context where application for judicial or constitutional review is brought at same time as proceedings in foreign country, whether concept of “reasonable time” in art. 529 of Code of Civil Procedure must be assessed and adapted to take account of these special circumstances, including stage of foreign proceedings at which actual prejudice or significant or irremediable consequences may occur ? — Whether there is exception to immunity of superior court judges ? — If so, what are circumstances in which exception applies? — dismissed 04/28/2022 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for the Respondent.

Read the lower court decision from the QCCA here.