Your marathon story reminds me of my half-marathon in New York City in 2015.

I was 59 at the time, and won the M55-59 age group, in which there were about 300 of us running that day. My time was 1:22:05. A good day.
People kept cheering “Go Canada” and “Way to go Canada” as I ran by the throngs of spectators.

I wondered “How do they know I’m from Canada?” and “I must look really … Canadian.”

At the finish I turned around to see others coming in, and the guy running right behind me was wearing a singlet with “Canada” emblazoned across it, in big, red letters.

Completely dashed my thoughts that I looked quintessentially Canadian.

Thank you: Rob Jackson, B.A., LL.B., (Insurance Director, Law Society of N.B.), rjactm@nb.aibn.com.