Inspector issuing permit to the respondent business for a rock quarry pursuant to the Mines Act — To what extent is climate change relevant in resource extraction decisions — Should it be considered, and if so, how — Can legislation that does not refer to climate change be read down to exclude it as a factor to consider in environmental resource extraction — To what extent should Canada’s international commitments to reduce carbon emissions inform the interpretation of provincial statutes — In light of R. v. Hape, 2007 SCC 26, should administrative decision-makers consider global climate change when making decisions under the Mines Act — Can an administrative decision maker determine that global climate change is irrelevant to the interpretation of a provincial statute in light of Canada’s declaration of a national climate emergency — How much deference is owed by the courts to an administrative decision-maker’s assessment of the relevance of global climate change to administrative action. — dismissed 11/10/2021 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for the Applicant.

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