Respondent’s foot dropped through snowbank left by appellant city’s work crews – Were the City’s decisions with respect to snow clearance and removal during the early January 2015 snow event policy decisions or operational decisions – What is the appropriate standard of appellate review to be applied to a trial judge’s finding that a particular decision (or suite of decisions) is a policy or operational decision – In the event that the impugned decisions are not immune from tort liability as policy decisions, did the City breach the applicable standard of care – Is the trial judge’s finding that the respondent was the sole proximate cause of her own injuries a complete defence to her claim, despite the removal of the last clear chance doctrine by operation of the Negligence Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 333.  —  Appeal dismissed 10/21/2021 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for an intervenor.

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