It’s been a year since we featured some of your pets under lockdown. Yup, they’ve been under lockdown/stay-at-home orders too!

We received emails re dogs, cats, a tortoise named Beau and even a Bearded Dragon (Sheldon). Got any updates one year later?

Toronto lawyer Reine Reynolds sent an email to introduce a very special pup—her colleague Sandy’s dog, Cheyenne (nicknamed “HRH”), click here.

“From her humble beginnings in a First Nations community in Northern Ontario to becoming a certified St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog, HRH lived a very full and purposeful life, one in which she freely gave, and received, lots of love. Cheyenne passed away in April 2021, and is now at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for her human companions, Sandy and her husband John, to join her.

No one is thankful for the pandemic, but one of the benefits of having to work-from-home since March 2020 is the fact that Sandy and John were able to spend so much more time with Cheyenne than they otherwise would have. This awful, tragic pandemic turned out to be a precious blessing in disguise for one amazing dog and her humans.


Being the dog lover that she is, Sandy shared a link with Reine—who sent it to me. A reminder that like Cheyenne, dogs bring so much joy to our lives (click here to see a pic of my best friend Rooney).

It’s called UPS Dogs—a FaceBook page with 1.8 followers. Yup, it’s exactly how it sounds—UPS drivers take pics of dogs they encounter along their daily route—Reine describes the page pawfectly (too cheesy?) — “a mood improver” and “some much-needed-soul-food”, click here.

Thank you: Reine Elizabeth Reynolds (Blakeney Henneberry Murphy & Galligan, Toronto), and Sandy Mark-Lee (McCague Borlack LLP, Toronto),

And thank you: Cheyenne (aka HRH), click here to see just how “sweet & adorable” she really was.