What significance the place of harm has in ascertaining the situs of a tort — Whether damages constitute or remain a presumptive connecting factor to ground jurisdiction when they occur in a different location than all the other major elements of a pleaded tort — Whether the lower courts interpreted the real and substantial connection provisions of The Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act, S.S. 1997, c. C-41.1, properly — Whether the facts of this case demonstrate a real and substantial connection to Saskatchewan — How the principles of forum non conveniens, as codified in s. 10 of The Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act, apply where major elements of the tort are pleaded to have occurred outside of Canada — Whether efficient resolution of a dispute can occur and fairness to the parties be assured where key witnesses are not compellable. — dismissed 02/11/2021 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for the Applicant.

Read the lower court decision from the SKCA here.