“I did a CLE last week for the Nfld. & Lab. Bar Admission course—spoke on Civility as a Strategy in Litigationclick here.

The course requests students to write a paper on “legal ethics and the Code of Professional Conduct”. The course’s organizers (The Hon. John Joy [retired] and Christian Hurley are open minded in their definition of “paper”, and students are encouraged to be “creative”.

A particularly creative paper (and a great read) is one by Eugene Chao (JD Osgoode 2020, articling DoJ in St. John’s) entitled, “Legal Ethics in the Funny Papers: Calvin and Hobbes and Dilbert and the Code of Professional Conduct”.

It’s so very well done; imaginative, creative, and remarkably relevant to the practice of law.

And, Mr. Chao’s first name is Eugene.

Click here.


(With permission and thanx).

Thank you: Eugene ChaoEugeneChao@gov.nl.caThe Hon. John Joy johnjoy50@gmail.com, and Christian Hurley churley@lsnl.ca