Whether arbitrator appointed under commercial arbitration agreement has inherent powers similar to those granted exclusively to Superior Court by Business Corporations Act, CQLR, c. S 31.1, for purpose of dealing with matters related to oppression — If not, whether arbitration clause must, in order to give arbitrator jurisdiction over such matters, provide expressly or implicitly that parties intend to exclude Superior Court’s jurisdiction and that arbitrator has power to make such orders — Tests for intervention that Superior Court can apply where it is asked, pursuant to new art. 632 C.C.P., to rule on arbitrator’s decision concerning own jurisdiction — Code of Civil Procedure of Quebec, CQLR, c. C 25.01, art. 632 — Business Corporations Act, CQLR, c. S 31.1, s. 450. — dismissed 10/15/2020 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for the Applicant.

Read the lower court decision from the QCCS here.