The Supreme Court of Canada is fully operational (apart from the building being closed to visitors)—Supreme Advocacy? Ditto—yep fully operational as well, (I am working at the office, all other lawyers and staff working remote).

Wondering if the current pandemic changes how you litigate at the court? What’s the potential impact for litigants going there? Are deadlines affected? How do you serve and file materials during this ‘quarantine’ period?

We put our heads together (ok, virtually…gotta keep that 6 foot distance) to offer 5 points about litigating at the S.C.C. at the present time.

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And in case you missed them, here’s the first two videos already published in our online video series covering all things Supreme Court of Canada.

And, here’s a list of the others still to come in our online series:

  • I Got Leave (or, I’m a Respondent and the Other Side Got Leave). What’s the Roadmap from Now Till the Appeal Hearing? (my colleague Cory Giordano will be doing this one).
  • Applying for Intervention Status.
  • Writing Your Appellant’s Factum.
  • Writing Your Respondent’s Factum.
  • Writing Your Intervenor’s Factum.
  • Arguing Your Appeal at the Hearing – Appellant or Respondent.
  • Arguing As an Intervenor at the Hearing.