Human Rights Tribunal finding that comments were discriminatory and were not justifiable on basis of freedom of expression — Tribunal awarding damages for moral injury and punitive damages to complainant and complainant’s mother — Court of Appeal upholding finding of discrimination but quashing order awarding damages to complainant’s mother — Whether political or artistic speech mentioning or mocking personal characteristics amounts to discrimination, thereby giving Human Rights Tribunal jurisdiction to grant redress — Whether applicant’s comedy routine is justified as free speech under Quebec’s Charter of human rights and freedoms — Whether freedom of expression provides same protection to artistic expression as it does to political expression — Whether punitive damages could be awarded in this case — Charter of human rights and freedoms, CQLR, c. C 12, ss. 3, 4, 10. — Granted 07/30/2020 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agents for the Appellant.

Read the lower court decision from the QCCA here.