Mississauga lawyer Karen Kwan Anderson wrote the following email about joining a virtual Facebook book club for the Women Lawyer Entrepreneurs (aka WLE), founded by Toronto lawyers Ashley Waye and Amanda McBride.

It’s therein that she has found “the silver lining of the lockdown”, and the three C’s about life and work—camaraderie, connections and conversations.

With her permission here’s what she (Karen) wrote:

“I’ve joined a virtual book club of the Women Lawyer Entrepreneurs (WLE) and so far we’ve read The Right Honourable B. McLachlin’s autobiography, *“Truth Be Told” and her first work of fiction, “Full Disclosure” and “I am Malala” by activist Malala Yousafzai. “Originals” by Adam Grant is next then “Infidel” by Ayaan Hiram Ali.

In my search for possible titles for upcoming book talks, I found Constance Backhouse’s “Two Firsts: Bertha Wilson and Claire L’Heureux-Dubé at the Supreme Court of Canada”.  I just began it so am learning the early years of Bertha Wernham (her maiden name).

I enjoyed this passage about her husband, Rev. John Wilson so want to share with you:  “Yet John Wilson’s austere exterior masked a more complicated inner character.  An intellectually curious, sensitive, politically progressive man, he also had a jovial personality and unflagging good humour.  He could perform an energetic Scottish country dance and delight audiences with his recitations at Robbie Burns suppers, delivering the punchline in his broadest burr:  ‘Get oot amon’ my neeps ye toon’s daert – it’s nae fit ye eat, it’s fit ye connach an’ blad.” (Chapter 2, footnote 7.  I’m reading the e-book and can’t find the page number).

Bertha Wilson attended St. Machar’s Cathedral and University of Aberdeen.  I passed by there last year on my trip with my parents to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (they were married at the Union Grove Church in Aberdeen—the front of the church is still there though most of the building has been modernized and now known as the Aberdeen Christian Fellowship).

The silver lining of the lockdown is the opportunity to join virtual communities—I enjoy WLE’s camaraderie, connections and conversations about life and work.

Best regards and stay well.


Thank you: Karen Kwan Anderson (Canadian Citizenship & Immigration, Mississauga), karen@karenkwananderson.com

And thank you also: Ashley Waye (Waye Law, Toronto) and Amanda McBride (McBride & Shields, Toronto)

* Click here for a book review for the autobiography: Truth Be Told (My Journey Through Life and the Law) by Darlene Madott madott@dmfamilylaw.netwww.DarleneMadott.com