Whether, in penal law context, court of appeal may consider, as new evidence, decision rendered on another question in civil matter after judgment being appealed from — If so, whether principles from British Columbia v. Malik, [2011] 1 S.C.R. 657, are applicable or whether they must be adapted to criteria for admission of new evidence — Whether, in appeal limited by legislature to questions of law, court of appeal may revisit findings of fact of lower courts regarding existence and amount of financial loss and fees that were paid — Whether court of appeal may, after allowing appeal by Crown respecting acquittal and restoring finding of guilt as consequence, reverse sentence imposed at trial of its own motion even though no party applied for such reversal, no appeal was made to this effect and parties were not invited to make submissions in this regard — Articles 287, 291 and 313, Code of Penal Procedure, CQLR, c. C 25.1. — dismissed 03/19/2020 — Supreme Advocacy acted as agent for the Respondent

Read the lower court decision from the QCCA here.