In preparation for the 92nd Academy Awards (aka The Oscars) this Sunday (Feb. 9th) why not hold your own Oscar Pool for you and your colleagues? Our (the Supreme Advocacy team) picks are already in!

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Nine films are up for Best Picture this year—including The Irishman (the 3 ½ hour-long gangster drama starring Robert De Niro) and 1917 (the WWI drama filmed as if in one continuous shot)—seen all nine?

Catch up on all the Oscar-contenders here—if you haven’t done so already.

Did you know? The Oscar statue weighs 8 ½ lbs and is plated in 24-karat gold. Meryl Streep is the actor with the most Oscar nominations—21 (no surprise there). Walt Disney holds the record for the most Oscar wins—26. Gone with the Wind is the longest movie (at 234 mins to win Best Picture in 1039 (will 1917 be a close runner up?). Speaking of length…the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre is 500 feet.  And Greer Garson (winner of Best Actress in 1942) delivered the longest acceptance speech ever at 5 ½ mins.