“Clawbies” are national awards given to the “legal blogging and podcast community in Canada”, with a view to “recognize some of the most exceptional practitioners” in this area.

Supreme Advocacy LLP is pleased to be honoured with an award this year as part of a vibrant and growing legal online publishing community.

The list of organizations and individuals is impressive—the legal community in Canada has depth and diversity, as you will see: click here, which lists every winner, organization per the following categories:

  • Fodden Award 2019
  • Best Blogs & Commentary
  • Best Bloggers on a Platform or Shared Blog
  • Best Podcasts
  • Best Twitter Accounts
  • Best A2J Resources
  • Best Innovative Projects
  • Best Law Library Resource
  • Best Student Projects
  • Best Multi-Platform Presence
  • Hall of Fame

I invite you to go to the list (see “click here” above) to both see who won, and sign yourself up for great listening/reading material, where available.

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