Two of our kids and I go MTB’g; did so for a week in Iceland last year (email for info if you wish—we went with an outfitter, ie bikes, food, accommodation, guiding, supplied).

While there was lotsa up and down, I don’t think it was ever much over 1 or 2000′. So what would ie. you think of cycling up a “hill” that’s 17,600′, or another that’s 19,340′? And doing so back-to-back.

Well, Giovanna and I were hiking some years ago at 11,150′; altitude affects everyone differently—Giovanna had trouble placing one foot directly in front of another—she was nearly comatose, which is common apparently; me, wanted to go for a run.

But biking up nearly 20,000′, different matter. And, some of it carrying the bike. The latter of the two “hills”, 3 days to go up, about 3 hours to come down. Bikers were Danny MacAskill from Scotland, and Hans Rey & Gerhard Czerner from Germany. Danny had to bail on the first hill (beginning of pulmonary edema).

The “hills” were Mount Kenya and Mount “Kili”: click here

It’s about 30 mins, so save it for a good telephone conference (or, bad one) (don’t forget to mute). Best part for me (because I’m childish, is at 4:45, where Mr. MacAskill cycles in to a really deep hollow in a road).

Good drone footage too.