“Ice.  Curve. Canadian Shield.

Sports car, caffeine, up-tempo music.

First snowfall, blissful me.

My out-of-control spin on a Northern Manitoba highway taught me much.

At that time, I was freshly separated from my 8-year-old son, who was literally half the world away in Aus.

Life has lessons to teach: some are immediate, and some await our understanding.

Immediate lessons from my crash: slow down, be mindful, life is fragile.

Steeped lesson: taking the high road in my dealings with my ex-wife allowed me to visit Bobby over 6 extended holidays – Christmas Down Under as a guest in his family’s residence, welcomed by my ex and her new partner.

During my deserts of separation from my son, I kept my head and heart on track by daily journaling, regularly running, as well as engaging with my profession. I had the privilege to serve my community as a Kin Canada volunteer.

Serving my community’s greatest needs granted me an unexpected bonus: meeting my wife-to-be Heather, also a Kin volunteer. I was very fortunate to relocate to her home community, Thunder Bay, with smooth transition of my legal career.

We have been blessed with our son Max.  Raising him has allowed me to reflect on what I experienced with round one, and to treasure my second chance at fatherhood with those life lessons learned.

That reflection inspired me to publish Finding Fatherhood, a memoir of my times apart and together with Bobby.

Bobby, now 28, resides in Brisbane.  We remain strongly connected, regularly calling each other to share challenges and successes, inspiration shining.

Three-year-old Max continues to teach me life lessons daily.


Thank you: Robert Kozak (Senior Crown Prosecutor, Thunder Bay), rkozak2@lakeheadu.ca