• You attending a Fringe Festival (ie. arts festival featuring alternative or experimental performances and exhibitions) this summer in your local city?

    The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (simply named “Fringe”) was the first (since 1947) of its kind and largest Fringe Festival in the world. Over 70 years later it has become the greatest platform for creative freedom with over 200 Fringe Festivals following in Edinburgh’s footsteps.

    If you are making the trek to Edinburgh this summer (Fringe runs from Aug 2-Aug 26, 2019) one show you won’t  “dare” want to miss is Scotland’s own dare-devil-stunt-cyclist-icon;  Danny MacAskill, who will stage his “biggest and best” live show at this year’s festival.

    Read more about the “Drop and Roll Show” (performed inside the Circus Hub’s big top) here in this The Scotsman article.

    And, click here for the “Way Back Home” video, which follows MacAskill on his journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye.

    Prefer to stay home? Here’s a list of Fringe Festivals taking place across Canada this summer.

    Live in the Toronto area? Though not Fringe, Nightwood Theatre presents its 10th annual “Lawyer Show” (see last word below).

    And last, here’s The Guardian’s list for the last coupla years of the top jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe (some clearly NSFA).